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Anaphora of the Armenian Apostolic Church

St. Athanasius


  • Let us stand in awe, let us stand in reverence, let us stand properly, let us be attentive— -To you, O God.
  • Christ, the innocent Lamb of God, offers himself in sacrifice. -Mercy and peace and a sacrifice of praise.
  • The grace, the love and the divine sanctifying power of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
  • Amen. And with your spirit. -The doors, the doors. With all wisdom and attention lift up your minds in reverence to God.
  • We lift them up to you, almighty Lord. -And give thanks to the Lord with all your heart.
  • It is proper and right.

It is truly proper and right always to worship and glorify you eagerly, almighty Father, who removed the obstruction of the curse by your invisible Word, who is Creator together with you. Taking the Church to be a people of his own, he made his own all those who believe in you. By the economy of the Virgin, he dwelt among us in a visible nature, transforming this earth into heaven as a divine architect building a new work.

Although the choirs of vigilant angels could not bear to stand before him because they were frightened by the brilliant and unapproachable light of his divinity, nevertheless, he became man for our salvation, and granted us to join the heavenly angels in their spiritual choirs—

And to sing holy songs and melodies with the seraphim and the cherubim, and boldly crying out, to shout with them and to say—

Holy, holy, holy Lord of hosts; heaven and earth are filled with your glory. Blessing in the highest. Blessed are you who came and will come again in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.

Holy, holy, holy are you truly and all-holy. Who would dare attempt to describe fully the outpouring of your infinite love for us? From the very beginning you cared for those who had fallen into sin, consoling them in various ways: by the prophets, by giving them the law, and by the prefigurative ritual of animal sacrifice.

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