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Sunday Of The Advent

April 6th, 2014


Lections: The Letter of Paul to the Colossians 2:8-3:17             Page - 182

Lections: The Holy Gospel According to Matthew 22:34-23:39  Page - 23
Epistle: Arnold Koresian Gospel: Michelle Babikian
Greeter:  Robert Kaprelian

Please be advised that according to the tradition of the Armenian Church, members of the congregation are strongly reminded to refrain from walking in and out of the Sanctuary while services are in progress. You are especially reminded not to do so during Reading of Lections until the Creed is recited, The Chalice Procession,The Hymn “Der Voghormia,” Singing of Hayr Mer – Lord’s Prayer, During Confession and Communion and During the Sermon. Please, wait in the vestibule until such time when it is proper to enter the Sanctuary.

Welcome to Parishioners and Friends - We welcome all who have come to worship the Lord on the Sunday of Advent. We are now slowly closing the golden chain of Sundays of Lent and look to the glorious feast of the Resurrection.  This closure is particularly meaningful for the fact that the Sunday of Advent is dedicated not only to the Second Coming of Christ but, also to His Incarnation, that is, God becoming Jesus, fully God and fully human.  During Lent the Church sets aside time for a personal retreat - for a physical change, for an attitude change and above all for a spiritual change. The theme for Bible Study will be Living the Gospel:  Resurrection

Altar Curtains Closed - During Lent, the church changes its outward appearance.  As we enter the church, the most noticeable change is that the curtains are closed. 

Lenten Sundays - As said in previous bulletins, in the Armenian Church all Sundays of Lent (seven weeks) have meaningful names, which reminds us of the various basis Christian truths to meditate upon during that Sunday, and the whole week following.  Today is the sixth Sunday of Lent and is called the Sunday of Advent.  

Fellowship Hour - Following church services you are invited to Fellowship Hour hosted by Charlotte Bader on behalf of the Women's Guild. 

Prayers for the Sick (Der Voghormia) - Page 45 of the Divine Liturgy Book.

Let us remember and ask God’s Blessings for our parishioners, who are ill at home, in a hospital or nursing home. Let us continue with our prayers for:

Yn. Marianee Donikian Fransuhi Karachorlu Baby Tiffany Marie Manooshak Salvador
Yn. Shoushan Hazarian Haig Koloyan Benjamin Manoyan Alyce Schaffer
Marty Abezetian Alla Krivens Genevieve Movesian Lisa Schaffer
Betty Alberts Violet Koresian Joshua Najarian Sam Sommese
David Chan Georgia Calistro Mark Nahabedian Mary Tarazoff
Marge Demerdjian Edward Gaus Heghna (Helen) Paloian Agnes Vartabedian
Agnes Eghoian Ramon Prats Tara Bassi
Wally Bassi

We ask that we be notified when a name should be removed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prayer Requests - For those who request Hokehankisd (Requiem Service) or to enter a loved one's name on the prayer list, please call the church by Thursday of that week for printing in the Sunday bulletin. Requiem Service may take place during the entire year (including Lent) except for the 5 Tabernacle Feast Days.

Special Prayers have been requested by the Reibel Family for Marilyn Reibel and Caraline Dzubin, the family is making a donation for their Good Health.  

Violet Koresian is at Central Baptist Village located at 4747 N. Canfield Ave. Norridge, IL 60756-Room2211 and phone 708-583-8211.

Nicene Creed: Together, we shall recite the Nicene Creed (The Profession of Our Faith) on Pages 18-19 of the Divine Liturgy Book found in the pews.

Care, Maintenance and Cost of the “Light of St. Gregory” - Our thanks to Leona Mirza for taking the responsibility of the cost of Keeping "The Light of St. Gregory" illuminated for the month of April in memory of Manoug Lousinian. Also, to Anonymous. Our thanks to the Babikian Family for taking the responsibility of the cost of Keeping "The Light of St. Gregory at the stained glass window" illuminated for the Month of April.

Women's Guild - Following church services there will be a Women's  Guild meeting. Also, Picture Day to be done on two dates, Palm Sunday, April 13th and Sunday April 27th, with the best picture being selected for use in our Women's Guild Cookbook.  Today is the LAST day to turn in your receipes for the Women's Guild Cookbook.

Thank you to Mathew Klujian and sons for once again taking the time to clean the carpeting before Easter.   

99th Armenian Martyr's Day Commemoration April 24th, 7:30 pm. - Vigil Service.  The Service will take place at Saints Joachim and Anne Armenian Apostolic Churh 12600 S. Ridgeland Ave., Palos Heights, Il.  Reception to follow, there will also be a display of select historic items from the Armenian Genocide.   

April 6th and April 13 there will be a special collection on behalf of the Syrian relief.  Proceeds will be sent to the Diocese by Friday, April 18th.  Online contributions may also be made on the Diocesan website, please select the "Syrian Relief" item in the drop down menu. 

On Monday Fr. Aren will be in the Church office from 2:00 - 5:00pm. and on Wednesday from 10:00 - 3:00pm.  Fr. Aren can be reached on his cell phone at 773-457-4122.

2014 Calendar of Events

**50th Anniversary Weekend October 17-19th**

Monday, April 7th -           Bible Study 8:00-9:30pm.

Thursday, April 10th -      Choir Rehearsal 8:00pm.

Friday, April 11th              Lenten Vigil Service 7:30 pm. - Prayer of Dismissal

Sunday, April 13th -         Palm Sunday Luncheon sponsored by the ACYOA. 

Tuesday, April 15th  -      Remembrance of the Ten Maidens - Vespers Service 7:00pm.

Thursday, April 17th -     Maundy Thursday Divine Liturgy (Remembrance of the Last Supper) 10:00am., Washing of the Feet Service "Vodunluva"  7:00pm., Service of Darkness                                                 8:30pm.

Friday, April 18th -           Good Friday The Church will be open from 12 noon to 3:00pm. for prayer and Contemplation, Commemoration of Christ's Crucifixion "Khachelootiun" and                                               Burial "Taghoom"  7:30pm.

Saturday, April 19th -    Holy Saturday (Easter Eve) "Jurakalouytz" Traditional Armenian Easter Eve Scripture Readings 6:00pm., Easter Eve Divine Liturgy "Jurakalouytz" 6:30pm.                                            Following Service, light refreshments will be served by the Women's Guild. Bring your lamps to take the light home 

Sunday, April 20th -       Easter Morning Service 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy 10:30am., Festive Home Blessing in our church hall.

Thursday, April 24th -    99th Armenian Martyr's Day Commemoration - 7:30 pm.


Church Attendance, March 30th, 2014 - 60


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