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Barekendan of the Fast of
November 15th, 2015 

Lections:       The Book of Isaiah 25:9-26:7 Pages 702

Lections:       The Letter of Paul to the Philippians 1:1-11  Page 178

Lections:  The Holy Gospel According to Luke 9:44-50 Page 64

Epistle:  Michelle Babikian   Gospel: Arnold Koresian

Greeter:  Robert Kaprelian and Harry Paloian

Please be advised that according to the tradition of the Armenian Church, members of the congregation are strongly reminded to refrain from walking in and out of the Sanctuary while services are in progress. You are especially reminded not to do so during Reading of Lections until the Creed is recited, The Chalice Procession,The Hymn “Der Voghormia,” Singing of Hayr Mer – Lord’s Prayer, During Confession and Communion and During the Sermon. Please, wait in the vestibule until such time when it is proper to enter the Sanctuary.

Welcome! With joy, we welcome all who have come to worship the Lord. We are in hopes that you will be with us each and every Sunday.  We would like to welcome Rev. Fr. Karekin Kasparian.   

Fellowship Hour - Following church services you are invited to fellowship hour hosted by Cynthia Panthier on behalf of the Women's Guild.  

Prayers for the Sick (Der Voghormia) - Page 45 of the Divine Liturgy Book.

Let us remember and ask God’s Blessings for our parishioners, who are ill at home, in a hospital or nursing home. Let us continue with our prayers for:

Richard Norsigian  Agnes Eghoian Mark Nahabedian  Agnes Vartabedian
Baby Jack Fleege Mary Hagopian Joshua Najarian Ted Woosley

Baby Tiffany Marie

Edith Bata

Fransuhi Karachorlu

Violet Koresian

Judy Pierce

Jaime Perez

Ramon Prats


Georgia Calistro Alla Krivens Alyce Schaffer Lisa Schaffer
David Chan Arusyak Bagamian Demetra Svolos Benjamin Manoyan
Armen DerMesropian Michael Levitzje Stoch Majchrowski  

We ask that we be notified when a name should be removed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prayer Requests - For those who request Hokehankisd (Requiem Service) or to enter a loved one's name on the prayer list, please call the church by Thursday of that week for printing in the Sunday bulletin. Requiem Service may take place during the entire year (including Lent) except for the 5 Tabernacle Feast Days.

Violet Koresian is at Central Baptist Village located at 4747 N. Canfield Ave. Norridge, IL 60706-Room2211 and phone 708-583-8211.

Nicene Creed: Together, we shall recite the Nicene Creed (The Profession of Our Faith) on Pages 18-19 of the Divine Liturgy Book found in the pews.

Confession and Communion - For those who wish to receive Holy Communion are asked to remain in their pews and together read the "Confession and Absolution" on Page 48 of the Divine Liturgy Book.  When taking Communion, make the sign of the cross and say: I have sinned against God - Megha Asdoozo.  Ladies must have a head covering when approaching the Holy altar. 

Care, Maintenance and Cost of the “Light of St. Gregory” - Our thanks to the Karachorlu Family for taking the responsibility of the cost of Keeping "The Light of St. Gregory" illuminated for the month of November. Our thanks to Karachorlu Family for taking the responsibility of Keeping "The Light of St. Gregory" illuminated at the stained glass window for the month of November.

Baking Dates for Women's Guild Bake Sale -  Tuesday, November 17th & Wednesday, November 18th, Lahmahjoun 9:30 am.  We need all hands to help.

Visiting Clergy - We are looking for Host Families to host lunch or dinner for our guest clergy on Saturday.  We will also need help in picking up and dropping off at O'hare.  If anyone is interested please call the church office.  

Requiem Services - Hokehankisd will be held in remembrance of our deceased members of the St. Gregory's Women's Guild on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday Bake Sale Sponsored by the Women's Guild - Sunday, November 22, 2015.  Delicious Armenian Delicacies will be available to purchase- Paklava, Cheese Boreg, Choreg, Monte and more. 

Walk Thru The Bible: New Testament - Saturday, December 5, 2015 10:00am. - 4:pm.  St. Mesrob Armenian Church, Racine, WI.   

When the Need Arises - Get in Touch With the Church office - Before making any preparations, in choosing date and time for Weddings and Baptisms, please be sure to contact the church office. All Sacraments must be arranged at least three months ahead.  Also, contact the church office for other church related matters, such as hospital, home visitations and counseling

2015 Calendar of Events 

Tuesday, November 17 & 18- 9:30am. Lahmahjoun

Sunday, November 22nd -  Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian

Sunday, November 29th -  Rev. Fr. Karekin Kasparian 

Sunday, December 6th -    Rev. Fr. Sahak Kaishian

Sunday, December 13th - Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian

Sunday, December 20th - Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian

Sunday, December 27th - Rev. Fr. Arshen Ayvazian 






November 8, 2015 - Church Attendance - 54
















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