Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Join us 2019 June 4-14 for a trip to the Holy Land. Jerusalem historically has a unique place in the lives of Armenian’s. King Tigran the Great, for a short time had conquered all the way into Jerusalem. Christ’s 2 disciples Sts. Bartholomew and¬†Ascension Tour-Narek 2019-1Thaddeus, came from Jerusalem to Armenia and preached the Christian faith. The first three¬†crusader queen’s were Armenian. The first monasteries of the Holy Land were influenced by Armenians…

Join us and come explore the richness that is Jerusalem, a diamond in the rough. Explore the land on which Jesus Christ walked on. Be a witness to the “empty tomb” and celebrate the FEAST OF HOLY ASCENSION” from the Mt. of Olives. All are welcome!!

Please contact Nour Travels ( or Rev. Dn. Narek Garabedian ( for registration forms. Deposits must be in by JANUARY 15, 2019.

Click the picture for trailer of Armenian’s in Jerusalem