The ACYOA (Armenian Church Youth Organization of America) is a Christ-centered organization whose goal is to create among young adults a greater sense of spiritual culture and tradition, and to instill within its members, a true spirit of civic mindedness.

Summer Fest 2017

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA) is the national youthprogram of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. It was created on January 12, 1946 in Providence, Rhode Island. The ACYOA emerged from the foundation of the then many local Junior Leagues and clubs that were formed for the young people of the parishes of the Armenian Church.


World War II interrupted the activities of these local groups, many of which were simply inactive during those difficult years. With the termination of the war, a renewed necessity took place of reorganizing the local parish youth groups. His Eminence Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan, the newly-elected Diocesan Primate, wholeheartedly took on the challenge of a problem which was causing the elders of the communities to question the future of the Armenian Church in America. This challenge was carried by Archbishop Tiran to the American-Armenian youth. To all communities, he passed on the informing spark, so important to the creation and continuation of activities for this new organization. The culmination of all this activity and work took place at the “Constitutive Assembly” of Armenian Church youth, held in Providence, Rhode Island, on January 12, 1946.

St. Gregory’s ACYOA is an exciting and innovative group and strives to bring young Armenian Christians together in fellowship. Living in a very secularized world, we do not have many places to gather for personal spiritual growth in a safe judgment free environment.

If you would like to join ACYOA or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the pastor at

St. Gregory ACYOA Executive Board:

  • Priest: Der Andreas Garabedian
  • Youth Advisor: Ani Grigorian
  • Co-Chairs: Mary Keutelian and Cindy Panthier
  • Promotions Chair: Maria Panthier
  • Contact us at