• WHY become a Steward?

    • To have a church for prayer and educational, cultural and spiritual growth
    • To meet our parishioners’ needs
    • To maintain our facilities
    • To ensure our church for generations

    WHO should become a Steward?

    • ALL OF US!


A steward of the church is any community member who supports the church above and beyond the nominal annual fee of membership. Stewards respond to the call to serve as servants of Christ and work to not only sustain the Church’s mission, but also to enhance that mission through a profound commitment of financial support- each according to their means.
Your annual stewardship commitment will help sustain our parish and contribute toward its growth, thus ensuring that our children, grandchildren and families will always have a place of worship to call their home in the years ahead.
Your annual membership commitment entitles you to fully benefit from the parish’s various ministries while financially supporting the work of your Armenian Church.



Honor the Lord by making Him an offering from the best of all that your land produces.” Proverbs 3:9