Sunday School

What is Sunday School?
As Orthodox Christians our foundation for faith begins from a very young age. We are baptized as children but the lessons of our faith, the traditions of the Armenian Church must be taught. Through Sunday School, our dedicated volunteer teachers, instill in our youth the teachings of the Armenian Orthodox Church from Holy Scripture, Holy Traditions and history of our faith.

As Orthodox Christian’s we also believe in living our faith and so we try to focus on using the lessons we learn in our everyday lives.

Why Sunday School?
It is no secret, that must of the world around us does not place importance on faith. Prayer has been removed from schools and other public events. However, faith is crucial in our lives. When we face challenges from adolescence to adulthood, the Church remains for us a beacon of light where we gather and commune with God. That is why Sunday School teaches us from a very young age that no matter what challenges we face, no matter how much we succeed or fail, God’s love for us is always there and He is always ready to guide us.

Through Sunday School we learn not just what it means to be a member of the Armenian Church community but of all society. Christ Jesus teaches us to love everyone and to pray and care for each other. And so Sunday School also gives opportunities to volunteer and serve our community.

When Are Classes?
Sunday School currently will be every other week from 12 pm to 12:30 and groups are divided in to ages groups.

What If I Can’t Attend Every Class?
We understand that because of our communities are run, sometimes Sunday’s get busy with sports and other extracurricular activities. Though we would love to have everyone participate every week, we understand that is not always possible. But that’s okay! Even if you can’t participate in every session, the Church remains open and accepting whenever you can. Remember, just like anything in life, the more you give the more you get and so please do take Sunday School seriously!

St. Gregory Armenian Church Sunday school invites our parents to encourage their children in participating in the Sunday school program, which teaches and equips our children with the basic beliefs of the Armenian Orthodox Church.

Due to the current health situation, we are planning on moving to a Online platform. If you have any questions please contact the pastor at

We welcome all children ages 6 and up!

For more information, please contact Rev. Fr. Andreas Garabedian