Looking Towards Christ!

Sermon for Sunday December 1, 2019

Passages: Isaiah 36:22-37:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:1-11; Luke 13:1-9

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

As the year comes to a close and we gather in prayer,
Many of us this past Thanksgiving came together and shared.
We shared of what joys, blessings and grace,
About a year that’s gone by, at what seems a fast pace.

Yet, what strikes me the most as we look over time
Is that we seem to be looking, at what we’ve left behind.
Phrases we utter such as How great it has been,
remember the days and I remember when.

Yet, looking forwards to the future we’ll often say,
There is too much uncertainty, it’s too early to praise.
All around us this world, is changing and fast,
Medicine and technology, quicker than we can grasp.

Overwhelmed and unsure yet, we do out best,
To embrace it all and quickly,
for great things may come next.

What’s strangest for certain is that for life we look on,
Yet, when it comes to our faith – we sing the same song.
We’ve all said it in part,
For our Churches and faith,
Remember when it flourished,
Now that’s something to praise.

Yet, we must not forget that our faith is not stuck,
and by only looking to the past – we place ourselves in a rut.
Why is it that, we look only behind?
When Christ is within us,
Moving us forward,
Teaching us all,
Where to look and how to find.

How to find His peace and love,
Where to find His divine hope,
Where prayers are not merely words
used in hard times to cope.

Rather, prayers are communion, of becoming one,
Understanding God’s will for us,
“On earth, as it is in Heaven, thy will be done.”

No, my dears, we must confess,
that when push come to shove,
Our faith is not growing,
Rather it’s in distress.

But there is hope, I promise,
That our faith can still grow,
Christ calls us to repentance,
Christ Jesus invites us to show.

He shows us that our faith is a revelation by Him,
And this revelation helps us see,
Only looking forward towards Christ Jesus,
Are we truly set free.

For our faith is a light,
that shines our way,
it guides us to an understanding,
That in Christ we are strong come what may.
And the Gospel today
teaches us to see,
That we are not better then those who are not here
but in the streets.

Our faith is not greater because we sit here and they don’t.
Unless we all repent, we’re all in the same boat. (vv. 2-5)
To repent, means to turn, to place our gaze upon Christ,
For faith to bear fruit, for that fruit to be right.

That is why St. Paul praises, only those who do live,
According what is pleasing to God, only a faithful heart that is filled.
For God’s will for us all, is equal and same,
That we repent and be sanctified, (vv.1-4)
That we call out His name.

That what we have, we give to others,
We show love in the face of pain,
That we bring light in this world,
That our light shines like a flame.

Because to repent is not words,
That we utter and leave,
To repent, to have faith,
We live and with breathe.

Therefore, my dears as we gather and pray,
As we give thanks for the blessings, joys and of grace.
Let us remember to turn our gaze from the past,

To look towards Jesus, to follow His path.
For His love is unending, His will is our Hope,
Facing uncertainty and pain, with Christ we are bold.
When our faith becomes action, our wills will be the same.
And all of us together, Here and out there, will glorify to His Holy name. Amen!

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